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About us


This website is devoted to one of the most beautiful and rarest gemstones in the world: the Hauyne. We are digging for minerals – basically for Hauynes but also for other gems like Sanidines in the Eifel region, Peridots in Norway and Sardinia, Zircons in the Vogtland region or Emeralds in Austria.

We - that is Eckhard and friendly mineral collectors – live nearby the city of Mendig in the Eifel region (Germany), which is the habitat of the hauyne. The worldwide loveliest exemplars of this very rare blue gem derive from this place.

Unfortunately, long searches only bring few gems. Most of them are smaller than 3 mm and the process of cutting and polishing diminishes their size up to 80 percent.

You can imagine how long it takes to hold a cut gem like this one on the picture aside (0,42 cts. / 5.7 mm x 4.5 mm) in the hands. Thus, a gemstone on the scale of 0.8 or even 1 carat is particularly rare.

By-and-by the casual search for gemstones and minerals has become our passion. Now we are in touch with gem collectors, lapidaries and goldsmiths from all over the world. On this website we’d like to present a couple of our Hauynes and other gemstones, too. On request our gems are available for other collectors.